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Why you should Travel through Train

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Why you should Travel through Train

Why you should Travel through Train

Travelling through train is popular in Europe since very long, or you can say that train is considered as the rite of route for the young passengers. It is observed that since long, train commute has been under appreciated in many parts of USA, but on the other hand, the popularity of train travelling is increasing day by day. According to the study, it is found that Amtrak transported 31.6 million passengers all over the country during its preceding financial year which was considered among topmost record of the railroad. In current times, when the economy of many states is collapsing considerably, travelling through train has grabbed the interest of many budget-conscious backpackers. In addition to that, the scenic train ride in Europe is not less than any vacation therefore people are more inclined to adopt this effective mean of transport. In this article, you will get to learn many more reasons that will explain you why you should travel through train.

Money Savings

The initial and most significant benefit associated with the train travelling can be the saving of your money. It is assessed that the expense on train travelling as compared to other means of transport are considerably cost-effective, mainly when you have planned for short distance. In addition to that, most people take advantage of train while travelling towards busy routes of Northeast Corridor, as the service is comparatively fast and frequent.

It must be noted that some rates are quite competitive if you are traveling between New York and Boston which is $104 on the train vs. $108 by plane. On the other hand, you might also find a dramatic difference in the fares between train and air travelling such as $134 roundtrip price on Amtrak between New York and Montreal, in contrast to $294 for the most inexpensive roundtrip airfare. There is no doubt that train travelling consumes more time than air travelling but those passengers who are on budget may always prefer train over other means of transport.

Stable Fares

People who are frequent traveler of airflight must have a great idea that how mysterious and frustrating is the structure of airline pricing. There is still no answer to the question that why does one-way ticket of airline is much more expensive than that of the round trip. While on the other hand, you will find that fare of train remains same day after day on a specific route. No matter whether you travel on weekday or weekend. The interesting fact is that whether you book your ticket two days before or two months before, there is no unjust with passengers in term of high-pricing. Yes, there are some possibilities when you see a slight increase in the prices, mainly during peak times, or holidays.


Train is far more flexible mean of transport as compared to airflight. Most of the times, you may need reservation for the long-haul train but when it comes to short trips, you can show up on the day of your travelling and can easily get your ticket for the upcoming train without paying any additional charges.

More Baggage

One of the disappointing factors of air travelling is that despite of paying high travelling costs, the passengers are required to pay charges for their bag checking. Most of the major airlines also charge their passengers for checking the carry-on bags. On comparing such miserly policies of train and airline, it was found that airline charges two carry-on baggage up to 50 pounds each and four checked bags up to 50 pounds each, two bags are free but third and fourth bag checking cost is $20 each. While on the other hand, Amtrak facilitates its passengers with 200 pounds of luggage together with personal items for free. Now just imagines the cost of this luggage if you travel through plane!

Less Hassle

The greatest advantage of travelling through train is that you don’t have to arrive at station two hours before, wait for hours in security line, take off your shoes at checkpoints, or ration out your liquids and gels. Most of the time, passenger arrive a little before their train starts but without any stress, they walk straight towards their platform.

Door-to-Door Convenience

In order to take air flight, you have to reach airport which is located at the corner of your city. Fortunately, in case of travelling from train, you can save maximum time from arriving the station as most of the stations are located right in the heart of the cities that they serve. In addition to that, you don’t have to waste your money on cabs just like you do on airports.


It is analyzed that trains are comparatively more energy-efficient per passenger than the planes or any other mean of transport. In this manner, train is always considered as the most eco-friendly transportation options in your surroundings. It is also observed that carbon that emits from trains are comparatively less harmful to the sustainability of environment than that which emits from airplanes. The reason is that emissions from train is not directly related to the upper atmosphere.

Old-Fashioned Charm

Other than the advantage of cheap rates, comfort ability, and flexibility, journey of train is something refreshingly traditional. People who like to travel through train over a long journey experience great pleasure of multi-night routes. Not only this, but also the days of silverware together with the fine china in coach class do not exist now in airplanes. However, you can still get this charm on overnight trains with the dining cars offering delicious meal packages with the uniformed staff. During day time, most of the travelers like to spend their time while reading books, play cards or just please with the amazing scenery passing by.

Comfort and Relaxation

Some frequent travelers suggest that a long journey should be relaxing just like train rather than forcing oneself into an ever-shrinking seat of the plane. There is no doubt in saying that train is among one of the least stressful forms of transportation in which you can sit, walk, move, talk without the fear to disturb anyone.


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