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Travelling during Lockdown- Have a Safe Journey!

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Travelling during Lockdown- Have a Safe Journey!



As we all know that the government of UK has recently imposed a second lockdown while keeping in view the increasing cases of Covid-19, the travelling situation has again turned into a great victim of the innovative toughest limitations. According to the prevailing news, the government has completely banned travelling for personal reasons and holiday purposes for some period till the cases are controlled. However, in most of the cities, business travel is still allowed. In case, if you are also a regular business traveler, you might find the exemption from the present quarantine rules. The article will help you to understand how you can ensure safe and legal traveling during such critical situations.

Initially, considering general rule that implies on all of us, we must comply with the new lockdown limitations. It is essential that we prevent travelling in or out of the local regions, and must ensure to decrease the number of journeys that are normally made during such critical times. But sometimes there are various reasons of travel that you can’t escape. These reasons may include:

  • travelling for office where work from home is entirely impossible
  • travelling for educational purposes and for caring responsibilities
  • some health professional with medical appointments or visitations with doctors in case of accident where health is the actual concern.
  • Going to venues that are open for essential grocery, including retail market

It is your responsibility that if you are travelling abroad or within intercity for the work purposes, make sure to self-isolate yourself upon returning back for 14 days. There are majority of people who actually resides in the UK but have to travel for work in another country. This type of travelling between the UK and their country occurs at least once a week. In such situations, the airport security demands evidence of regular travel patterns.

Plan for your Travel: checklist

It is obvious that the advancement of covid-19 cases in different parts of the world is uncertain. In such situations, your travel might not be less than any open challenge. Besides, most of the countries around the world have also closed their borders to UK travelers keeping in view the new variant of the virus. therefore, it is essential that you check the guidance for your personal conditions prior taking decision whether you can travel abroad.

Before you travel

It is important for the travelers to follow all the present regulation for the place where you reside, including if they limit international travel. As far as UK is concerned, there are various limitations imposed on some places in EnglandScotlandWales and Northern Ireland. Besides, it is vital for you as a traveler to possess up-to-date latest developments for the place you intend to visit. The better way is to sign up for travel advice email alerts that will allow you to check the Travel Health Pro website for travel health control. This way you can easily discover entry limitations, screening or quarantine needs on your arrival that could impact you. In case If you are required to take a COVID-19 test to help travelling to another state, you must prevent the NHS testing service. It is rather effective for you to arrange a private test. Most importantly, the traveler must read the safer air travel rules with the practical protections and essential steps to take during your flight. Make sure you consider well your own health condition first. Definitely, face mask is crucial in these times mainly during your flight in England and Scotland. Besides, one should be very much cautious to know whether the accommodation provider has ensured the availability of the safety measures.

Some people are over confident who take such situations very lightly and end up with drastic results. But be careful, your ignorance while traveling will not only impact your health but also numerous people may get infected due to your carelessness. You must read the guidance of local authorities and follow all the local health measures in place during while you travel to your journey’s end. It may happen that the local procedures and travel limitations may transform with the situation before you reach or during your stay at that place. One of the most important things that you must consider before planning any local or international traveling, is to ensure travel insurance. You need to make sure that you are satisfied with the level of cover that any insurance company has provided you. Furthermore, if such covers travel insurance is already been ensured than don’t forget to check the validity. Every traveler possesses the cancellation rights. You must also speak to your tour operator, transport and accommodation providers in case if you have any queries.

When you’re abroad

Don’t forget to follow all the updates to your travel advice for your destination. Always keep yourself ready to obliged with the measures to manage localized eruptions including closing of borders, movement constraints or regulations regarding quarantine. You should always be prepared for the changes on these grounds as these events take place on a very short notice. If by chance, you get positive results on your coronavirus test, you will be asked to get local treatment instead of going back to your place in this situation until you are fully recovered. If a person is asked to quarantine himself or ensure self-isolation by the local authorities, you are liable to follow their rules keeping in view the criticality of the situation. In most of the case, the person diagnosed with corona positive is asked to stay longer than he actually planned. It is therefore better to have plan ahead for such delays that might occur due to any uncertainty. Don’t forget to have close communicate with your travel company or airline in order to have complete awareness regarding the transformation in the schedules. A best planner is the one who also considers delays and risks in his schedule. So, you are advised to plan for the risks of disturbances and local domestic actions in advance that could influence your traveling.


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