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Top Tips to Find Cheap Accommodation Wherever You Travel

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Top Tips to Find Cheap Accommodation Wherever You Travel

cheap travel accommodation

Interested in cheap travel accommodation? There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you minimize your expenditure on accommodation. You can make use of these tips and tricks to reduce the cost of vacations.

When you spend less on accommodation, you will have more money left over in your pocket to spend elsewhere. It is up to you whether you want to save it or spend it to extend your vacation time. 

One point that you should keep in mind is that quality also matters. Thus, if you are getting 15{1144d01390815a03c526b8b417d8abe95d9339510fc1a5ec8bf81b93a797f0df} off a particular hotel but it simply does not appeal to you, it is not worth saving the money on this hotel. It will be better for you to go for a better hotel at regular cost. Saving money on accommodation should not bring down your enjoyment of the trip. What matters most is your happiness.

Here are the top tips to save more on accommodation during your travels.

Minimum Requirements

When looking for suitable accommodation, you should aim for the bare minimum. With that said, there are certain features and amenities that you will want from your accommodation. If that is not available, you should look elsewhere even if the price is cheap. Here is what you should look for in your accommodation.


Having a kitchen in your accommodation will save you a substantial amount of money since you will not need to eat out every night. Preparing food at home is also much safer than eating street food that could potentially be unhygienic. 


In addition to a living room, there should be a separate room for you and your spouse and another room for the kids if you are taking your family along. 


Having your own laundry will make life much easier and stress free.

Make a list of other requirements that you cannot do without.


It might be tempting to get accommodation that is far out of town. However, transport costs will nullify any savings. So resist the urge to settle out of town no matter how cheap. You will also be spending more time on the road rather than enjoying your intended destination. Don’t end up in the middle of nowhere just because it looks cheap. It could end up costing you more.

Make sure that the accommodation is close to parks, beaches, food outlets, local attractions, airports and public transport. You will save more money this way.


You may want to look for accommodations that offer deals on longer stays. This is a good idea if you intend to spend more than one day at any place. You are more likely to find good deals in the off season.

You can also look for a Sunday deal since business travelers and vacationers often book accommodation from Monday to Saturday.

Weekdays for Big Cities

In certain big cities like Las Vegas, you may want to avoid the weekends since that is a time of maximum traveler influx. You will be surprised how cheap accommodation can be on weekdays in certain big cities.

Seasonal Travel

Accommodation can be really cheap during the off season. But it can also be quite cheap during the shoulder season. This is the time between off-season and peak season. 

The off season may not be the best time for travel although accommodation may be cheap. For instance, it may be winter time during off season which won’t be much fun for your vacation. A better time would be the shoulder season which may fall during the fall or spring season for instance.

Thus, it is better to visit Europe during May or September. 

Another benefit of the shoulder season is that you will not have to put up with big throngs of travelers and revelers.

Avoid Hotels

While hotels offer the best in luxuries and amenities, you may also get good deals on apartments, hostels, guest houses and of course, Airbnb. You can cut down a lot of expenses by keeping away from expensive hotels. You may have to miss out on a few luxuries but that could mean enough savings to extend your trip abroad.

Think Hostels

To save money you will have to opt for hostels not hotels. This sadly wont work for travel in the US since there is not such an extensive hostel network in the States. But in countries like Thailand, France and the UK, going for hostels may be a good idea since you will find plenty of options here.

Hostels are more than just dorm rooms. They are now suitable for families and thus an economical travel option.

Another benefit of hostels is that their location is often very good. Thus, hostels are usually close to restaurants, leisure spots, parks, beaches, attractions and public transport.

You can find plenty of free of cheap amenities in family hostels like kitchens, luggage stores, laundry and Wi-Fi.

Free Cancellation

It is best to opt for accommodations that permit cancellation any time. This will help you to save money since you can cancel your booking any time you find a substantially cheaper rate elsewhere. You will want the free cancellation option since prices can fluctuate and you never know when an opportunity for cheaper price will present itself. 

You also need to keep in touch with portals like Booking.com so that you can follow accommodation rates and make your move when the price suddenly goes down.


Cheap cafes nearby are another good money saving option. Before confirming your booking, make sure that economical eateries are in the vicinity so that you can walk there easily for cheap meals. 

Rewards Programs

If you have the habit of going often to the same hotels, then you can save money via their rewards programs. You may have to take up a membership to this end. But this may be worth it if you know that you will be using this hotel chain for your travel. 

You can even get rewards through your credit card to save more money on travel accommodation.

You hopefully now have a much better idea of how to save money on cheap travel accommodation.


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