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Tokyo 101: What Your Bucket List Should Look Like

Tokyo Travel Travel Tips

Tokyo 101: What Your Bucket List Should Look Like

Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is a bustling city where archaic style meets modernity in a way that is incomparable to any other city in the world. There are so many things to do in Tokyo, whether it is visiting the Technicolor streets, the ancient temples or the various uniquely themed cafes all over the city. If you are looking for the perfect adventure, look no further than Tokyo. 

Here are all the fun, quirky, unique and unforgettable things to do in Tokyo that you can add to your ultimate Tokyo bucket list!

  1. Visit the Cherry Blossoms 

This is a no-brainer. The cherry blossoms are perhaps the most popular attraction in Tokyo. Fully blooming only once a year to a beautiful lavender shade, cherry blossoms are a sight like no other. We recommend that you plan your trip around March and April when they typically peak. You will definitely not regret it!

  1. Go to the Gotokuji Temple 

The lucky cat figures are increasingly popular everywhere. In Tokyo, where they originate from, there is an entire temple full of these ivory cats who are known as Maneki-Neko (the beckoning cat). 

Add the Gotokuji temple to your list of things to do in Tokyo because you won’t get an experience like this elsewhere. The temple is filled with over a thousand of these cats, and the number keeps increasing as more tourists visit and place new Maneki-Neko cats.

  1. Visit the TeamLab Borderless Museum 

This museum is probably the only one of its kind. It’s an incredibly immersive experience as your surroundings keep moving and changing. The experience of visiting the museum is unparalleled to any other, so we recommend adding this to your Tokyo bucket list.

  1. Try Fluffy Japanese Pancakes 

If you are a fan of pancakes, you have probably heard of the ever-so-famous fluffy Japanese pancakes. Though these pancakes are gaining popularity worldwide, trying out these authentic, delicious treats at their place of origin will be a brilliant experience for your taste buds. 

  1. Visit Harajuku: The Cultural Hub of Tokyo 

Located near the Harajuku station of the city, this busy neighborhood offers a glimpse into the modern Japanese culture of the youth. It is the focal point of teenage culture in the city as it comprises peculiar fashion stores and boutiques, cosplay centers, crepe stations, thrift stores and exciting food outlets.  

  1. Hang Out with Cats at a Cat Café

Although cat cafes originated in Taiwan, they have become all the rage in Tokyo. Enjoy a cup of coffee in a cosy room with friendly felines purring right next to you. The experience of visiting a cat café in Tokyo is definitely going to be worth the hype. 

If you are not a fan of cats, Tokyo also has hedgehog cafés and owl cafés you can visit instead. Either way, indulging in beverages with furry friends is always a great idea.

  1. Suginami Animation Museum 

If you know anything about Japan, you might be aware of their amazing cartoons and animation, which are widely known as ‘anime’ and ‘manga.’ This museum is an anime lover’s dream and is the perfect place for a bit of entertainment. 

  1. Get a Bird’s Eye View of Tokyo 

The Tokyo Tower is the world’s tallest self-supported building, and it gives you the perfect 360-degree view of the entire city due to its central location. Whether you see the city from the top in the morning or at night, you will be in awe. The Tokyo Tower is definitely a must-visit if you are visiting the city.

  1. Attend a Tea Ceremony 

The Japanese tea ceremony, also known as ‘Cado’, is a traditional and ceremonial way of preparing and drinking green tea. The experience is very relaxing as it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city. 

Attending this traditional tea ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience that will allow you to immerse yourself into the Japanese culture by drinking tea the way the locals have for centuries.

  1. Play a Game of Pachinko 

Pachinko parlors are scattered throughout the streets of Tokyo and are a local favorite. Even if you do not know how to play this game, try your hand at it. Pachinko has such a vast history surrounding Pachinko that visiting these flashy and unique parlors is an experience in itself. You can even learn about the history of this popular game of gambling, and treat your eyes with the bold colors and lights that cover the entire area.

  1. Live Out Your Mario Cart Dreams 

The city gives you the experience to live your childhood dreams of driving a Mario cart. Dress up as one of the characters from Nintendo’s racing game, rent one of the go-carts and race through the city streets feeling like a kid again. This silly, fun and exciting experience lets you revisit your childhood by driving an actual go-cart throughout the city. What could be better than that? It definitely should be on your Tokyo bucket list.

  1. Visit the Monster Café 

Tokyo is filled with unique and often bizarre cafés that you have probably never seen before anywhere else in the world. One such café is the Monster café, which is a whacky, colorful, and crazy. It serves food that you may not have fathomed. From giant macaroons and spinning cakes to walking colorful monsters, this place is the literal definition of ‘kawaii.’

  1. Explore the Studio Ghibli Museum 

You have probably come across a studio Ghibli movie at least once in your life. For many of us, these movies are what defined our childhoods. If they did for you, then don’t miss out on having the most nostalgic experience of your lifetime by visiting the museum dedicated to all your childhood favorites.

Final Words 

Tokyo is a city that is well worth the visit because it offers a myriad of experiences and adventures. If our list appealed to you, don’t forget to add these places to your itinerary.

 Happy travels!


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