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Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

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Tips for Surviving a Road Trip



The import to a successful road trip is being prepared. It is crucial to plan so take your time and if something bad happens, you should know how to control it. If you are planning to take a road trip shortly, here are some tips, in no particular order, that will aid you not only to survive but have fun along the way.

Remove Half of What you Packed

Packing is difficult for a lot of people (us included) because you want to be prepared for everything. More often than not hard, you end up stuffing your suitcases with a clump of things that you do not need or do not end up wearing. When traveling by car, space is always a problem, so it is important to pack lightly. When you get out for your road trip, you should pack maximum four suitcases total of 2 large and 2 smalls. Do not pack a dress and shoes with heels. If you do have those plans, decide what you are going to wear ahead instead of packing it is recommended in packing clothing that you can easily layer. Things like cardigans or hoodies are always the best idea. 

Plan Before You Go

It sounds exciting to just jump in the car and go, but it is truly better if you have some sort of plan in place before you hit the road. A small bit of planning goes a long way and will make for a smoother, less nerve-wracking trip. The period before a travel day, always likable to get a rough plan of your route, so you would know what roads you are taking and about how long will it take for you to stay in the car. Depends on the location, sometimes leaving a little late in the day is better to avoid things such as rush hour or building work. Of course, things did not always go precisely as planned, but simply having a plan in place can make your travel days a lot easier to handle.

Download Podcasts/Audiobooks

You might get bored from music rapidly, which is why some people loved listening to podcasts or audiobooks while travelling. They are much more piquant than books and made the drive go by fast. There are a lot of podcasts and audiobooks available to listen to on any topic, so no matter what you are into, there will be something that benefits you. If you like comedy, true crime, and documentary kind podcasts, so can prefer those and listen to it. A large free resource for audiobooks is the Hoopla application, part of the free library system. 

Bring Food & Snacks

Food and snacks are necessary for any road trip. While it is fun to stop and get things you would not usually eat at home, eating only those things will make you feel like poop. Try to keep the treats to a minimum to avoid feeling sluggish and bloated. Before your achievement to the road, must pack an ice chest bag with sandwiches, drinks, and snacks to eat while in the car.

Drink Water

Not coffee, not soft drink, just plain water! You will feel so much finer if you stay hydrated. It is not like that you have to wholly eliminate everything else, but along with any other drinks you may have, make sure you have a lot of water too.  Always keep water in the car and make sure to fill again your water bottles whenever you stop up somewhere. Coffee, soda, and energy drinks can make you feel overstrung and distended and generally have tons of sugar in them, which leads to a sugar clang. Drinking plain old water will aid you to feel much better.

Schedule Extra Time for Breaks

As a child, road trips as a family always feel like a bit rushed. Family are so much obsessed with making a good time and had to be on the road so early, breaks felt like less of a break and more like an annoyance, and filling up the gas until it could not thrust any more. 

Keep Your Car Clean

Having a clean car makes the road trip a much more gratifying experience for everyone. Particularly when there is limited space, it is nice to have your area clean and clean-cut. I suggested cleaning your vehicle before you leave for your trip so you start nice and fresh. On the road, whenever you make a halt, take some time to throw away any rubbish that you may have amassed along the way. Along with keeping things clean-cut, it is crucial to make sure that your car is “clean” on the inside. That means getting the oil changing regularly, filling any fluids, and making sure things such as headlights, windshield wipers, and turn signals are all working properly. 

Have Cash on Hand

It is always the best idea to have some cash on hand just in case. You may need money for things such as tolls or parking and credit cards are not always an option. We always kept some alteration in our cars for parking meters and a few small bills in our wallets.

Get Gas Before It Hits Empty

Do not wait until your car is running on the exhaust to stop at a gas station and fill up. Sure, you may be able to make it another fifty miles on your tank, but there may not be any options for gas once you get there. Do you truly want to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere? Therefore, you must initiate looking for gas stations when your vehicle hit ¼ of a tank.

Prepare for the Worst

We never begin out expecting bad things to happen, but unluckily, they sometimes do. If you are ready for the worst, then you will be able to deal with these situations without it affecting your trip overmuch.


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