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Things You Must Know Before Boarding A Plane

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Things You Must Know Before Boarding A Plane

Things You Must Know Before Boarding A Plane

The stress you get before boarding a plane is very much similar to that which students usually have while entering the examination hall. You never know, what question is coming and what would be the mood of your examiner. If you are a frequent traveler, then you might be well-aware of this fact that airport checking does not allow you an ounce over 50 pounds. In addition, you are always stressed to reach the gate on time before the doors close. Most of the people who travel frequently by air explains that the hectic moments they face on airport till the time they sit on plane cannot be expressed in words.

No matter how early you reach or how streamline is your luggage packaging is, there is always something new on the airport that becomes part of your memory. In this article, few important points have been highlighted and explained in detail for those who are new with air traveling experience. Most importantly, each and every passenger needs to keep this point in mind that the guideline of airlines has been transformed recently due to corona virus pandemic. It is therefore, every passenger travelling abroad or intercity must stay updated with the information provided on its website.

Things you can’t take in your luggage

It is one of the common points but still people get caught due to unintentional holding of such objects in their flight-carry or pocket. Any type of explosive or flammable item is strictly forbidden to bring on the plane. Therefore, every passenger must check the hand luggage as well as other bags before leaving for airport. In addition to that, kids must also be explained not to carry items like gas torches, firecrackers, and kindling for barbeques on the plane as it may cause rea trouble if caught at airport. Passengers are also advised to refrain from holding items that are hazardous such as knife, scissor, weapon tool, or corkscrew.

Most importantly, the strictest rules by airport security are concerned with the products that are in liquid form. According to the guidelines of TSA, the passengers are not allowed to carry more than 10 bottles with the capacity of 100 ml each in your hand luggage. The significant part is that all the bottles must be packed in a single transparent bag with 1 liter holding capacity. Besides, the passengers can carry their medicines with them in their hand luggage including liquid medicines, but only that proportion of liquid medicine is allowed that is crucial during the flight.

Packing suitcases is an art

Passengers sometimes gets confused with different guidelines and different riles rules of each airline. The weight and size of luggage allowed by each airline is different from other. Passengers are therefore advised not to take luggage with overweight or else you may have to pay high fee for the clearance of your luggage.

Be ready for check-in

Some people think that only their luggage will be checked at the airport which is wrong. It is one of the fundamental requirements for every passenger to clear the personal security check. Make sure you don’t such clothes that are difficult to take-off. On your turn, the security will ask you to put everything in a basket including your jacket, jumper, scarf, and belt. The things you take off will go through the scanner and will be asked to walk through special gate. Sometimes, the passenger is also asked to take -off shoes if the alarm gets activated.

Each country has its own rules

If you are a frequent traveler, then you may know about the rules of customs. In the European Union, the rules of customs concerning the alcohol, tobacco, food and plants area almost similar to various other countries. On travelling outside the EU, you may find complete or slight change in the rules. In addition to that, there is a fine on holding forbidden goods in the luggage or having too much of any product, but these rules also vary from country to country. In most countries of the world, the passenger is fined for the forbidden goods and at the same time his goods are destructed in front of him. According to the research, countries of Middle East impose big fine on the passenger if they are caught while transporting alcohol. Most importantly, some countries have their own distinct rules over transporting cash, valuable objects like gold, pieces of art, historical objects, and parts of animals that are under protection, such as ivory.

Be dressed for flying

While reading the caption, it seems very obvious and small thing, but in reality, people forget to pay attention to the clothes that they wear during flight. It is estimated that the longer your flight is, the more you may become uncomfortable with your wrong outfit. Comfortability during flight is the most important thing that should not be compromised at any stage. Passengers are usually advised to ensure that nothing squeezes or scratches them during their long journey. No matter of you is travelling during summers, always take pair of socks and jumper on flight with you. The reason is that air conditioning system of plane is always running that chills the entire area and probably make you feel cold.
If you have long hair, tie it up low on your neck so it won’t disturb you when you lay your head down on your seat.

Keep your mobile in airplane mode

People usually think that they can read more and more articles on mobile phones as it never disturbs the functioning of airplanes, but this is absolutely wrong. There is definitely a reason why most airlines have imposed complete ban on the mobile phones use during flight. However, you are allowed to use your phone only if it is on airplane mode, and that option is available on types of phones. Some people also like to pay extra amount for the Wi-Fi service on plane through which they easily spend their hours of flight without getting bored.


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