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Study in Abroad Vs Study in Homeland

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Study in Abroad Vs Study in Homeland

Study in Abroad Vs Study in Homeland

The students think about between the ideas of studying abroad or go after more study in their homelands must think about the provocations and result of each. Studying in homeland is cozy and secure but studying in abroad is challenging and life changing.

The Cheers of Studying in Abroad

  • Global Exposure
    While studying in abroad, you will be among different cultures and abundance of ethnicity. You will learn a good deal about uncharted world, different outlooks, and life thoughts. Being in a global platform, you will have different career opportunities.
  • Personal Growth
    Going out from facilitation of life accepting change an atmosphere for hostel students is not easy at first. But it brings many changes in developing a personality of a man. You will become a good version of yourself.
  • Worthy CV
    If we follow experience and current studies on how degree from abroad improves your CV rates, then studying in abroad is a valuable provocation to accept Academic Excellence.
  • Increasing Knowledge
    Mostly students go to foreign countries to improves their knowledge and skills. There are a lot of top ranked universities in abroad that gives a lot of opportunities to students.

The Problems to Attain Study Abroad Visa

You may have to take an entry exam for admission in abroad university.

  • Complex visa process
  • Language proficiency tests will be taken.
  • Tough eligibility criteria for admissions
  • More expensive than other

The Cheers of Studying at Your Homeland

There are always top ranked Universities in our homeland, and it could be affordable. Usually when you are living in your homeland you will not have to take care of your expenses much. The expenses and fees can be balanced as there is no need to worry about rent, food, and transportation etc.

  • Comfort Zone at Homeland
    The most computed and admitted element of studying in homeland is staying in your comfort zone. And the studying abroad procedure is quite challenging and is not everybody’s cup of tea.
  • Opportunities for Career
    If you are capable and intelligent then nothing can stop you from excelling in your career. The goal of studying is gaining knowledge and skills and the ones studying with this target could not be stopped by any barrier.

Advantages of Studying Abroad

  • It Makes You A More Interesting Person
    You become more interesting person and receives more attention of others after going abroad.
  • It Gives You Something to Talk About
    You will be surrender by different things around you talk about it.
  • You Get to Learn A New Language
    If you study in foreign country where they do not speak your mother language, you will have a great opportunity to learn theirs.
  • It Looks Excellent on Your CV
    A good CV will give good and lasting impact on others and more opportunities for jobs.
  • Better Learning Opportunities Are There
    Studying will helps you to gain different knowledge and enhance skills so that it is good to study abroad.
  • Away from Comfort Zone
    It will get you out of your luxurious life and get you out from comfort zone.

Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

  • More Intense Homesickness
  • Studying away from home can be much difficult enough even if you have only transfer across the country or to another state. So, consider how much difficult it may be to study in a place that is miles away from home and in a country that is totally different to what you are used to.
  • Apart from loved ones
  • Your family, relatives, and people to whom you are attached could miss your presence and you might miss the fun and pleasure of being at home in your comfortable place with all facilities.
  • High Cost and Expenditures
  • It is often the case that higher tuition fees for overseas students. And you may not be qualifying to the same student loans that you would receive back at home. And moreover, you will have to factor in substantial moving costs when you choose to study abroad.

Language and Cultural Barriers

While studying in foreign countries is a good opportunity to learn a new language, in start you may have some issues with language hurdles.

This is especially likely at the starting when you need to arrange things like a bank account and accommodation.

Longer Travelling Time

Studying in foreign countries unavoidable entails longer travelling times, there will be long travelling time and you must travel long in abroad.

Higher Risk

If you are unfortunate enough to dislike your pattern, or if you come up against some personal problems and need to return home ultimately, you will have wasted a lot of time, your effort, and your money than if you had chosen to study at home. Also, study abroad experience is not required in many professions. In some areas, such as education, law or medicine, having studied abroad can actually be a con. With a foreign degree, you may have to take additional exams before you may work as a professional in your home country. Since professional education is usually based on national law, rules and requirements, the coursework you do abroad is like to meet the requirements of your home country.
So, if you are deciding for a domestic career in laws, medicine, or education, you should get your degree from a university in your home country. And well if you want to become an instructor in different languages, it is good to go abroad for a short time, that may be the right and good thing for you!

Benefits of Studying at Home

Studying in your homeland has many pros and good side. First, you do not have to plan a temporary stay abroad and practice for another language. So, you can totally focus on your studies instead of learning vocabulary. As pointed above, studying in another foreign country, and speaking a foreign language is not a great decision for everyone.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As discussed above, studying in foreign is not a must for every student. Sure, there are many good sides for studying in foreign, but one should not forget about the pros of studying at home. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, you know best what is good for you.


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