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How to Promote Local Tourism

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How to Promote Local Tourism


When it comes to encouraging your tourism, business concerns whether you’re an attraction, restaurant, museum, or hotel, you may feel as you’re all alone. Fortunately, that’s not the case. By working with your Destination Marketing Organization that is DMO or Tourism Promotion Agency that is TPA, you’re able to get some free marketing that will aid to meet out your message beyond your efforts and draw in more visitors. Think of it as having someone in your corner that wants your business to succeed just as much as you do. There are some things you need to know to get the most exposure possible

How to Promote Local Tourism

Initially, let’s talk about how local and state tourism offices are working to assist local tourism. There is a lot that goes into boosting a destination and most of it is behind the scenes.


Every local and regional tourism office has its website. Some are more detailed than others, but they normally have listings for the same classes things to do, housing, food, and drink. This is where visitors can find the contact details for particular attractions and businesses, as well as pictures and descriptions.


Most tourism offices still meet out thousands of printed brochures through welcome centers, thruway pauses, and visitor requests. Through beautiful photos and captivating language, guides or brochures paint a general picture of what a visitor can expect. Many also offer advertisement space if you want to stand out in front of a fascinated audience.

Press releases

When there is an announcement like a fresh restaurant in town or a state park winning a national award the tourism office will transmit a press release, which could get picked up by regional or national publications. It may even create interest from media who want an interview or travel writers who want to undergo it for themselves. Press releases are not constricted to local marketing offices.


Blog posts are a fascinating way to boost multiple assets at once. They give a roundup of attractions with a common theme and are normally written more colloquially than other marketing pieces. Blogs can also give a deeper look into a niche topic as it relates to a goal than say, a brochure could. 

Social Media

All of the assorted tactics listed above provide large content for a tourism office. Events, announcements, media placements, and blogs can be distributed across social media channels.

Large Activation 

Tourism offices can reach bigger audiences with a presence at famous events and exhibits. It depends on the event; attendees may be from another city or even another state. The main event is the perfect place to encourage its destination to an audience that’s already there, that may be strange with the area, and is most probably looking for other things to do. The TPA can share the foremost places to go, eat or sleep, and hand out branded materials or indirect. Governor Cuomo has invested in ten fresh welcome centers across New York State the city of the USA, intending to advance local tourism. Each welcome center highlights that region’s renowned tourism destinations via photos, videos, Taste NY market, and natural object wall.


Marketing offices with bigger budgets think state tourism offices run Television commercials to boost both state-wide and out-of-state audiences. The showcase of different assets and attractions across the state from equal rights history to fun winter activities.

How Can you Help?

There are a lot of ways you can help your tourism office promote you. It initiates with getting on their radar!

Update them Constantly

Initially, make sure to tell them when any contact information or website links have been altered. Having current contact info for the organization and proper links to social media and website pages is a must to get advanced. Then, let your TPA know whenever you have something new and exciting like a new restaurant, new product, new event, or new drink. Nothing is too large or too small. Local tourism offices get requests for info about assets that fit a particular topic. For instance, a PR agency may have a lead on a writer looking for “healthy food offering at summer music festivals” or “dishes using fresh and seasonal ingredients.” Make sure you communicate intelligibly and oftentimes enough that your tourism office understands what makes you contrary.

Submit Events

As I mentioned in the above statements, TPAs have event calendars on their websites. This aids visitors to the website and the destination to rapidly see what is going on while they’re in town. Tourism offices also tend to boost local happenings across their social media channels, giving your event more reach. And if it’s specific enough, the event may be worth pitching to the media to an extent. Make sure your TPA knows about your circumstances so you can get this simple, added exposure.

Be Quirky

A quirky mixed drink that uses a unique ingredient? Maybe your museum is obsessed by an anti-alcohol advocate. Don’t timid away from the weird! Share these one-of-a-kind features with your tourism office. Journalists and visitors are no longer sensing for the same old, same old. Rather than a traditional fall activity, they’re more curious about seeing something like underwater pumpkin carving.

Respond Quickly and Completely

If your TPA asks you for info, it is best to respond rapidly and with plenty of information. Whenever possible, that includes photos, videos, and quotes from notable staff. These requests normally come with a short turnaround because an agency, organization, or journalist contacted them for inclusion in a press release, displaying, media pitch, or article.

Keep your Photography Up-to-Date

When they want to boost your asset or pitch it to the media, they’re going to need good, good-quality photos to show it off. And they’ll need them good away you won’t have time to call up a professional photographer. So when you can, take photos of your asset. That includes in all seasons (display your winery surrounded by blooming tulips and in front of flaming fall foliage) and during any peculiar event.

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