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How Planting Trees helps in the Environment Sustainability

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How Planting Trees helps in the Environment Sustainability



In the current times when the planet is already facing multiple problems pertaining to pollution, tree planting has been recognized as the most engaging and environmentally friendly actions. It is one of those events in which each and every human being can easily participate to ensure the betterment of planet. If people spare some time to observe the benefits that they gain from trees, they would never let anyone cut the tree so easily. Trees contribute in your life with hundreds of long-term and short-term advantages. Let alone the appealing appearance of trees that adds beauty to your nature, they also provide you with fresh and healthy environment while storing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is because of trees that we get slow heavy rain that ultimately diminishes the probability of flooding. Regions that are crowded with trees contributes in increasing the quality of air and simultaneously improve the urban heat island influenced by reflecting sunlight and delivering shade.

It is estimated that the net physical weight of a tree possesses around 50% carbon, that depicts how much influence does these trees have on the change of climate if they are planted in huge quantity. The advantages like decrease in the urban heat island impact and enhancements to the quality of air are localized. It can bring assistances to the community who resides nearby or spend their time in the local regions. While, on the other hand, benefits like the depletion of carbon from the environment is beneficial for the population at large and not to only those who live locally. Trees have intensive benefits on the population that lives nearby including the positive influence on their mental health and wellbeing. One of the crucial advantages is a stress-free environment that also encourages outdoor exercise. It is believed that these benefits are other than many of those benefits that are received by the nearby population.

Nowadays, people are moving towards the idea to decorate their home garden with beautiful plants and trees. People have different objectives behind decorating their gardens, as some do it for the beauty purpose, while other wanted to provide their houses with some extra shade during summers. It is important to understand that trees provide you with many more advantages that are beyond your thinking. Other than calming, trees connect you with the beauty of nature and the relaxing environment that is built in the surrounding. This article will share some of the essential information with respect to trees and their advantages that will help you to understand what trees do for our environment.

Reducing Climate Change

Human activities nowadays heavily contribute in building up additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Harmful CO2 greatly participate in the climate change, which is considered among the major global issues. The trees play prominent role in fighting with harmful CO2. They ae responsible for eradicating CO2 from the atmosphere and while releasing oxygen at the same time.

Purifying Air

You might have observed clean and fresh air near crowded trees or near the seaside. The reason to the fact is that trees purify the air in the surrounding. They are accountable for absorbing pollutant gases that includes nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia, sulfur dioxide. In addition to that, trees also contribute in absorbing smells and works as a filter. It is estimated that a mature acre of trees can help in delivering fresh oxygen for up to 18 people in a year.

Cooling Down the Streets

It has been a long time that we are hearing shocking global warming news every single day. For example, the normal temperature in Los Angeles has increased by 6F in 5 decades, and the normal worldwide temperature has grown by 1.4 F. The situation occurs when the tree coverage is reduced. Trees help in cooling cities up to 10 F by delivering shade and releasing water.

Natural Air Conditioning

Have you ever noticed that trees that are plated strategically around your home can vitally reduce the need of air conditioning? It is estimated that the situation will make your wallet thicker, and eventually assist in decreasing carbon dioxide and releases from power plants. In recent years, architects and environmentalists have observed the prevailing environmental issues and came up with an effective solution known as green roofs. It is analyzed that green roofs contribute in incorporate vegetation to the house and delivers environmental advantages for the people living in surrounding.

Saving Water

Other than cooling, trees also assist in saving huge amount of water. The shade provided by the trees helps the water to evaporate gradually from low vegetation. It is estimated that trees require around 15 water gallons on weekly basis for their survival, while they release approximately 200-450 gallons of water on a daily basis.

Preventing Water Pollution

Stormwater is enriched with phosphorus pollutants and nitrogen. In the absence of trees, the stormwater will directly flow into oceans without being filtered. Trees helps in breaking the rainfall and enables water to enter the earth and seep into the ground. This is how the trees, avoids stormwater from contaminating the oceans.

Providing Shelters for Wildlife

Trees also plays significant role in increasing biodiversity as they are also considered as food source and natural habitat for wildlife. It is analyzed that every apple tree crops around 20 fruit bushels annually that helps in nourishing numerous birds, insects, and wildlife. These trees can be planted on a tiny surface but possess wonderful environmental influence. Most of the people who like to plant trees at home for birds, squirrels, and bees prefers to grow oak and sycamore.

Renewable Energy Source

In current times, fossil fuels have become one of the prominent problems for the world.  Other than their toxic features, they will not be present around forever. There are hundreds of companies and industries who have targeted renewable sources of energy. In case, if these trees are harvested and treated properly, it can become the most effective renewable source of energy for the world. Trees are simple to use, present on the surface of Earth since long, and together with the smart forest management, trees can be used as an amazing eco-friendly fuel.


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