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GIS Application in Tourism

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GIS Application in Tourism



In recent times, tourism industry is one of the most flourishing industry among numerous countries of the world. It is also believed to be the vital business sector in the world whose success differs from country to country depending upon diverse policies, ability to progress enough infrastructure to support, capacity to manage and build market and complete marketing through the entire world regarding the product. Most of the countries in the world relies on the tourism sector for their effective economic growth. To encourage, design, execute, organize and marketing, tourism is one of the toughest tasks at any level of any state. There are multiple reasons that influences tourism in various manners. To sustain all features of tourism in a strategized, maintained and economically sound way, computation and IT technologies services are essential in this modern world. GIS- the special analytical instrument can be facilitating in tourism division in numerous manners. GIS is currently worldwide popular technology used as a worthy tool for operating, assessing, and demonstrating large volumes of diverse information to most of the diverse levels of planning activities. As far as tourism planning and management is concerned, GIS is widely utilized as a significant tool.

Geographic Information System (GIS) is believed to be the significant science and analytical instrument internationally due to its advanced research and studies mainly pertaining to the spatial data. Uses of GIS in the progressed countries cover an extensive range of locations whereas the emerging states effectively make use of this tool in some restricted sectors, mainly due to absence of trained staffs, sufficient funding together with some additional technical drawbacks. Geographic Information System (GIS) is an analytical tool, invented from Computer Aided design (CAD) that assist the user in building maps at various scales in different projections with the help of a database to produce innovative information and present it in various formats. In addition to that, it also helps in building connection among spatial and tabular data and discover spatial associations among the specifications of the maps. Moreover, it facilitates in collecting, storing and combining spatial information to assess and present them as innovative information. The GIS is considered as most powerful and effective instrument to perform the following tasks.


It helps in assigning personality stereotypes to the states around the globe mainly dependent on a sample size of worldwide population’s viewpoints.

Tourist Map

It helps in plotting out landmarks in the tourist maps. GIS is also significant in plotting out maps for different locations around the world. In this manner, tourists get great assistance in finding appropriate route towards their desired location.

Sunrise and Sunset

GIF helps the users to find the perfect sunrise and sunset during at any given place. With the help of GIS, tourists can easily locate the perfect sunrise and sunset that enables them to capture their great moments.

Subway Map

The GIF application actually provides comfort to the tourists or travelers by simplifying maps that helps them in reading and effectively understanding the maps. For example, the lines of a subway map in different colors.

Linear Referencing

With the help of GIF application, the user can use linear referencing together with the shorelines to trail volumes of organic debris.

Off-Beaten Tracks

It helps in discovering the off-beaten track for backpackers and marking its spots with 3 words.
Tourism Dollars

It is also valuable asset in tracking the exports of goods bought and the services while using desire lines.
Safe Travel

It provides the travelers with great understanding about those locations that are dangerous on the maps.

Sustainable Tourism Planning

GIF is widely popular due to the fact that it helps in recognizing the contradictory interests from tourism and resolving the problems by assessing appropriate locations for future developments.
Hotel Search

One of the main reasons behind its popularity is the feature of searching geographically for best hotels to stay within a given circle radius.

Horizon Blockage

It helps in computing the horizon blocking line throughout the directions with the help of observation point with GIF’s Horizon Blockage.

Travel Mode Detection

One of its popular features is the detection of travel mode such as walk, car, bus, subway and commuter rail with the help of a multi-modal transportation web while using GIS and GPS in the city.

Searching Islands

With the help of satellite, the user can easily detect uninhabited islands around the globe.

Time Zones

It is very crucial in representing time zones worldwide. GIS is also utilized to represent time zones across the world. Most of the tourists use GIS tool to acknowledge the time information for the place where they are planning to leave.

Eco-Tourism Site Selection

The GIF application is very significant in assessing environmental effects for maintainable eco-tourism places. GIS can also facilitate the tourists or traveler in evaluating the influence of environmental happenings.

Virtual Travel

The feature helps in observing the place before physically visiting it. With the help of virtual travel, tourists are enabled to view their destination and have overview of how it actually appears to be before getting there.


The specification allows the tourists to discover spots in 360 panoramic camera views.

Highway Planning

It facilitates in building viewpoints with diverse layers like ecology, topography and cultural specifications for a three-D visual highway.

Virtual Arctic

The virtual arctic features help the traveler in discovering the Arctic in Google Street View without even moving.


It helps in placing the entire parts together in a GIS database at Yellowstone National Park incorporating its geologic history, geyser recharge and seismic function.

Trip Planning

One of the wonderful aspects of GIF tools is that it helps in adventuring around for the upcoming road trip with pit terminals and offbeat while taking in consideration the suggested sites.

Observer Points

It helps in computing the visibility with the help of diverse observer points.

Historic Street View

The feature is mostly used by occasional travel. It allows time-travelling in the history to have a quick view as of what extent the location has transformed over the period with historic street sight.


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