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Experiential Tourism- Understanding the Culture and People

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Experiential Tourism- Understanding the Culture and People



Travelling is basically pertaining to gain wonderful experiences, mainly those experiences that drives a person away from his scheduled life. With the passage of time, travelers worldwide started seeking transformation in the form of tourism that can become productive to the mind and understanding level as well. For some people, holiday vacations on scenery spots can only benefit the mental and physical health, but person remains deprived from intellectual gaining that could bring innovative learnings with the experiences that are distinct to each visiting spot. Keeping in view such demand, the innovative type of activity got introduced over time that is treated by a particular word known as Experiential Tourism or Creative Tourism.

Experiential travel also referred to as immersion travel is one of the popular kinds of tourism in which in which tourists actually emphasizes on experiencing a country, city or particular a place by having intense engagement with its past, society, values, cuisine and mainly the environment. It been a long time that people have been looking for culinary travel, cultural discovery, and travelling experiences based in the activity. Now, it’s time to learn about the experimental tourism and of course, learn enough to tray it at least once in a life. Experiential tourism can be transformative sometimes. The concept of this type of tourism is highly interlinked with other similar mechanisms such as experiential educationexperiential knowledgeexperiential interior design, and experiential marketing.

Experiential tourism- The Learning Tourism of Its Kind

Experiential travelling allows you to focus on the various aspects of the routine life that includes culinary, culture, history, shopping, nature or social life. In the experiential tourism objective, the purpose of travelling is not only to spend holidays on plains and field with together with the pleasant climate. Rather, the goal of experiential tourism is to gain an intense learning and understanding the culture, people and history of that particular destination. This is the reason that people who plans for such travelling rather relies on the guidance of locals from such places then the travel agents who are only money oriented at times. Let alone the experiential tourism, the idea to have guidance from the locals of visiting spot is always effective in saving money and time simultaneously. One of the common rend in experiential tourism is that tourists are more inclined towards visiting places that are inspirational, personalized and builds a road towards self-disciplinary. 

For some tourists, natural sights with including rivers and greeneries is the actual essence of God’s creation. While some people like to discover the history through their traveling experience. For latter audience, experiential travel is the actual beauty that interlinks them with the essence of a historical places, people and their traditional not culture. It is worth mentioning that experiential tourism is not merely restricted to the subject of history, instead it involves the visitors in a sequence of unforgettable travel adventures, disclosed over the period of time, that are inherently individual, incorporate the senses, and make networks on a spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical level.

Why Experiential Tourism

If we talk about the most benefitted section of the experiential tourism industry, the name that lies topmost will be travel marketers. Travel agent, travel marketers, or travel guides are believed to be the most profited personnel’s when it comes to visiting the historical places and natural spots, be it local or international. However, the guidance and supervision they provide to the new tourists is useful sometimes. As far as the mindset of experiential tourists is concerned, they are intensely inclined towards visiting places that falls outside of a normal sightseeing.

According to some experts, the explanation of experiential tourism may vary from other types of tourism, but still the objectives remains the same. It means that the principal objective of every tourism, may it be experiential or general tourism, is to discover the potential places to attain better insight and inspiration. Most of the independent travelers who frequently plan tourism without any assistance or guidance of travel agent are of the same opinion. But the flip side of the coin explains that numerous traveling companies together with the non-profit organization have accepted the innovative trend. The trend of experiential tourism has been highly appreciated by multiple renowned traveling companies who guarantees completely transformative experience to their clients with their special vacation packages.

Types of Experiential Tourism

Experiential tourism has a diversified range that includes several other niches mainly adventure tourism, food tourism, volunteering, rural tourism, and community-based tourism

Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is much more related to entertain the tourists with adventurous activities. In this kind of tourism, the practices of intense sports in nature are carried out such as abseiling, zip-lining, mountaineering, and mountain biking.

Food Tourism

It is also referred to as gastronomy or culinary tourism that aims to encourage the experiences of traditional foods. This tourism is not only restricted to the learning of preparation of each meal but incorporates the traveler in a socio-cultural engagement.

Community-Based Tourism

Community-based tourism is acknowledging the way of life of local communities. This type of tourism is ruled through combined management with protagonist of the tourist activity who is considered to be the community itself.

Challenges and Points of Attention

As we all know that this type of tourism is directly associated with the local culture, therefore people who are willing to experience such travelling must consider the below mentioned points.

  1. One must acknowledge the actual feeling of the local population and businesses and pursue the travelling according to their routines.
  2. Difference in promoting authenticity and marketing must be visible of for all as with the increasing demand for creative tourism, number of tourism agencies tend to encourage Experiential Travel just with the purpose to justify the mounted prices on their offers. The strategy can lead to the downfall of such wonderful tourism experience.
  3. Gigantic Tourism is one of the considering factor in terms of tourism. The reason is that in theory, experiential tourism highly participates in diminishing the trend of massive tourism, however it also needs to be considered that the adverse effects of both the tourism can be same.

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