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Essentials of Travel

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Essentials of Travel


Travel Backpack

We may as well start with the obvious primary that is the travel backpack. The size of the backpack you need for your backpacking trip will depend on several components, with the first one being how long you are traveling. Here are the sizes of backpacks we recommend for a different trip duration such as, 1-3 months- 40-60 liter, 3-6 months that needs about 60 liters, 6-12 months that need 60-80 liters. Another thing to see is your height, if you’re on the shorter end of the height spectrum you should try and bound to 60 liters or less. Main features to look out for when choosing a travel backpack that includes lockable zips, internal organizer pockets, and a changeable back system. A backpack having a detachable day pack will save you having to buy an abstracted bag for daily use.

Travel Towel

Yes, the travel towel is necessary that always seems to appear on travel packing lists! Designed to pack down to a portion of the size of a standard towel from home, travel towels are highly compact, lightweight, absorptive, and quick drying. The result is little bulk in your bag and their speedy drying design means they don’t fester and produce unpleasant smells. You can even get travel towels with anti-bacterial protective covering, which aids to keep them fresher for longer.

Sleeping Liner

Most backpackers will liable find themselves staying in budget accommodation, like hostels, during their trip. Having your sleeping bag liner will aid you to avoid sleeping on dirty-looking bedding, as well as serving to protect you from bed bugs while you sleep. Some liners come in cotton, polycotton, or silk material, with silk weighing the least and packing down to the little size. Nevertheless, it’s also the more costly of the three!

Mosquito Repellent & Bite Relief

A necessary for most destinations around the world, mosquito repellent will aid to protect you from painful and awkward insect bites. In some countries, the risk of tropical diseases that includes Malaria, Zika Virus, Dengue, and Yellow Fever makes it insistent that you wear a good mosquito repellent, as there’s a lot more at stake than some itchy bites! For broad risk areas, we would recommend no less than 50% DEET. For the abject times, you manage to get bitten or stung, make sure you also have some bite and sting cream or spray in your pack.

Mosquito Net

Some adjustments will have mosquito nets readily available, but this isn’t always bonded in hostels and other budget accommodations. If you’re traveling to states with a risk of tropical disease, rural areas, or camping outsides, you should see packing a mosquito net. There are a lot of lightweight and compact options available, so you can pack one as a ‘just in suitcase’ item without taking up too much space in your backpack.

Money Belt

The money belt maybe has a reputation for being the most uncool travel adjunct, but sneer all you want, it is still a backpacking essential. Even if you’re not wearing it a day today, you’ll find it useful on nightlong bus and train journeys where you can’t always keep an eye on your bag. Store your passport, precious & cash in a money belt and wear it nether your clothes to prevent someone making off with you have while you get some rest!

Plug Adapter

You’ll find a global adapter plug to be the best option if you’re traveling to multiple countries, as most styles of global adapters work in over 150 countries. Some states do have their unique plug socket, India and South Africa for instance, but these adapter types can be bought singly if your itinerary includes these destinations. Of course, if you’re only packing around a couple of countries, you may just decide to pack a pair of adapters for these destinations instead of a worldwide adapter.

Power Bank

Whether all the hostel plug sockets are in use or you require to charge your mobile phone on the travel, a takeout power bank is a must-have for any trip. Get one with USB property and a rechargeable battery so you can easily charge your USB-enabled devices during your trip.

Zip Lock Bags

You don’t have to be travel during the rainy season to use zip lock bags. Of course, you can use them to defend travel documents, currency, and appliances from water, sand, and dirt during your trip, but they’re also good for keeping everything organized and easy to find when you need it.

Packing Cubes

Take some order to your backpack by using packing cubes to abstracted and organize different items of clothing. Packing cubes not only make it easier to find your favorite pair of shorts when you need them, but they also keep your clothes tidy rolled, and as compact as possible, helping to maximize your packing space.

Water-to-Go Purification Bottle

The drinking water overseas is often unsafe to drink, so water purification is often essential. Of course, you could buy bottled water daily, but this is an added disbursal and also contributes to waste plastic which eventually ends up in a landfill. So, the most cost-effectual and situation-friendly option is to treat your drinking water. 

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel & Wipes

You’d be amazed at how often travelers become ill due to poor hand hygiene on their travels. Avoid this by taking a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel around with you. Handwashing facilities not always readily available and if you’ve just been touching some dirty-looking currency or need to wash your hands before eating a meal, you’ll be glad you have some to hand. 

Multi-Purpose Travel Soap

Save space in your baggage by packing multi-purpose travel soap. Multi-purpose soap can cleanse your body, hair, and clothes, so you don’t need to pack abstracted bottles of shower gel, shampoo, and laundry detergent. It’s also more accumulated than standard body wash and shampoo, so a little goes a long way.


It may not appear like an essential, but a torch can prove good handy when traveling. 


Security is the main concern for travelers, so make sure you can always lock your backpack with a combination padlock. 



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