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6 Dreamy Destinations for Different Types of Travelers

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6 Dreamy Destinations for Different Types of Travelers

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You should know about the best dream destinations before planning your next vacation. Knowledge of these highly sought-after destinations could mean a much better itinerary and overall travel experience. To appease your wanderlust, you can travel to exotic destinations like Egypt and Greek Islands for an unforgettable trip that you will cherish for a lifetime. These travel destinations will certainly appeal to a wide spectrum of travelers. 

Here are the best dream destinations that you can choose for you next vacation.

  1. Egypt

Out of all exotic locales, Egypt has to be one of the most underrated. The truth is that the country has plenty of attractions, ancient sites and cultural heritage that is worth seeing. What’s more, the tourism industry there is well developed, so you are bound to find good accommodation and plenty of hotels. 

What sets Egypt apart is its extremely rich history and the profound steps taken to preserve it. Thus, travelling to Egypt is the next best thing to time travel, where you can go back thousands of years to explore a unique civilization that is captivating and enchanting. What’s more, the country has plenty of well-kept pristine beaches that will prove awesome for any summer vacation. 

Unsurprisingly, the country ranks high on the list of the fastest growing travel destinations.

As if you needed another reason to travel to Egypt, here is one that will surely entice avid travelers. The Grand Egyptian Museum will be inaugurated in 2020. The museum will contain thousands of artefacts straight out of the fabled ancient Egyptian civilization. Much of these ancient artifacts are rare and have never been seen before.

  1. Greek Islands

Greek islands are one of the hottest travel destinations for avid vacationers. You can book a flight straight to Santorini and visit Oia. The astonishingly beautiful blue and white architecture of Oia is sure to take your fancy. The fabulous blue and white together with domes looks amazing beside the waterfront. The stunning sparkling turquoise waters and pristine white sands are bound to impress. You will be glad that you saw this place at least once in your lifetime. And who knows how many times this wonderful place will entice you for your future vacations. Greek islands are really that alluring. They are the quintessence of the gorgeous Mediterranean region that fervent travelers visit repeatedly and still yearn for. 

  1. Rwanda

If you are adventurous and love nature, then you might want to contemplate Rwanda. You can visit the country to explore rainforests and observe gorillas. Beautiful natural locations are a big attraction for international travelers. You might know that Kenya and Tanzania are popular safari destinations with a well-developed luxury tourism infrastructure. You will be pleased to know that Rwanda is catching up fast with its rapidly progressing tourism industry. 

After visiting the vibrant capital Kigali, you can stay at any luxury lodge for your rainforest escapade. During your treks, you may come across rare mountain gorillas, a big treat for animal and nature lovers. If you are interested in travelling to the country, you can opt for a travel program that provides free education for Rwanda’s children.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is an amazing travel destination to say the least. The good news is that you no longer need a visa. You just need to bring along a passport and yourself. 

Brazil’s President Bolsanaro and the POTUS Trump have gotten along really well with each other. That means virtually zero travel restrictions for Americans flocking to Brazil.

Where do you even begin when talking Brazil? For starters there are 2,000 serene beaches awaiting beach nuts and sun lovers. You will need a lifetime for exploring all of these incredible sunny spots and marveling at their natural beauty. 

Away from the coastline and deep inland, you will of course wander far into the mighty Amazon. Nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts will surely be thrilled to explore one of the biggest and most important ecosystems of the world.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the best cities to visit in South America. The vibrant capital city has incredible night life, endless parties and celebrations for young travelers. There are events and festivals the whole year round in fantastic Rio. The city has earned accolades over the years like the being chosen as a ‘Marvelous City’ by UNESCO. 

  1. South Africa

When you travel to the Rainbow Nation, you can begin with one of the best and greatest cities in Africa – Cape Town. Whether it is culture, music, architecture, night life, the bustling capital city has it all. You can visit several historic sites here like the nearby Robben Island where freedom icon Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years. There are several festivals and events year round in Cape Town that you can look forward to. For instance, you can feast on epicurean delights and treats at the Old Biscuit Mill. When you are done feasting, you can head downtown towards the City Bowl. Here you can lose yourself in the souvenir market and roam Green Market Square to behold all of its wonderful offerings. After shopping, you can pay a visit to Long Street and have a ball at the numerous bars, cafes and restaurants. You can also discover some of the best beaches in Africa at Cape Town. 

  1. Japan

Japan is garnering plenty of attention courtesy of the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo. There is no doubt whatsoever that Tokyo is the biggest and most well-developed metropolitan area of the world at a staggering 30 million strong. But there are also other attractions that you will also not want to miss besides this obvious one. 

After you are done sightseeing and partying in Tokyo, you can visit Nikko via a 2 hour train ride. This beautiful location is an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary tastes. The captivating Lake Chuzenji belongs to a national park designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can dabble in natural sights, visit monasteries and trek towards one of the numerous hot springs. You can stay at one of the many luxurious hotels to stay in close touch with the natural beauty of Nikko.

The best dream destinations are bound to appeal to travelers with all kinds of tastes, preferences and lifestyles.


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